Obsidian Go

Design to be the first professional 3D 360-degree camera of

VR beginners or experienced innovative content creators.

from $2,720.00

Professional 360 Camera for 8K Photography

8K Resolution
DNG Format
Time lapse
Adjustable Time Interval
4 hours max 360 cameras shooting time
Obsidian GO 4K Demo
Obsidian GO Quick Start Guide


Our engineers develop Kandao Studio, a stitching software which is based on the deep-learning algorithm. With the help of it, the post-production of 360 VR photo and video becomes more efficient than ever. Just one click, you can manage the 360 degree stereoscopic 3D stitching like a pro.


The Obsidian GO enables the creators or industrial innovators to easily adopt the latest virtual reality technology. They can integrate the 360 VR camera into content promotion and commercial applications, exercising infinite creativity.

For example, Real Estate through Virtual Tours, VR Sport, Music Events, VR Film Making, Advertising, Industrial Applications and Weddings.

Easy-to-use Obsidian GO Professional 360 Camera

When creating a panoramic 360 photo, Obsidian GO digital cameras are easier to use than the DSLR cameras. The DSLR cameras have zoom lens which support 12x optical zoom, as well as tons of setting and parameters that need to be adjusted. But with Obsidian Go, you just need to press a button. The 6 synced lens will capture and save the 360-degree videos and photos into memory cards. And they can be easily exported and auto-stitched with Kandao Studio. While, compared with professional camcorders, Obsidian GO video camera is a camera with 6 imaging modules that can record 360-degree videos but also has a lighter weight. Pro camcorders needs heavy shoulder mount when shooting moving scene, but Obsidian GO 4K camera has built-in stabilization like action cams that can work compatibly with a Gimbal PTZ. Thus, they are not only hand held, but also used on cars and drones. This is a cameras review of three different types.

Obsidian GO

from $2,720.00

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