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QooCam App

QooCam’s unique three-lens and rotating shaft design enables it to shoot 360 panoramic views and play 3D.QooCam , Relive Your Journey.



– Fix the bug and keep horizon line straight
– Add the tiny planet mode in preview

QooCam Studio

A material Production and Processing tool for QooCam. Support stabilization, refocus, depthmap output, 3D output, stitch, crop. Win


1. Add “AI Slow Motion” feature: slow down the footage to up to 10x slow motion
2. Add “Super resolution” feature: increase the photo quality
3. Bugs fixed

Kandao Raw+

Kandao Raw+ uses computational photography techniques, similar to what we are seeing in many high-end smartphones, to create images with increased detail and dynamic range, as well as lower noise levels. To achieve that it combines a burst of Raw images into one single DNG file that can then be further edited with a Raw converter of your choice.


– Added support for importing DNG8 files of QooCam automatically.
– Optimized image alignment.
-Optimized image quality of highlight edge.
-Optimized compatibility of old CPU.
-Fixed some known bugs

Kandao VR

KanDao VR is a 360-degree & 3D video/photo player application by which you can enjoy VR videos/photos.



1.Support mono/stereo footage playing
2.Support 360 Live

Obsidian Remote Controller

Obsidian Remote allows users to have remote control of Kandao Obsidian VR camera through mobile devices with conection of Wi-Fi network or Bluetooth. It supports real-time preview and provides rich manual settings (ISO, shutter speed and white balance,ect.) to control every imaging module of the Obsidian camera.



Fixed connection problems with routers that do not have full multicast support

Kandao Studio

Kandao Studio provides an easy solution for VR video/image stitching. With its powerful stitching algorithms and graphics processing technology, Kandao Studio can greatly improve the stitching quality and achieve seamless and high quality stereoscopic 360 videos/images, speeding up the post-production process with just one click. It also allows users to generate depth maps from 360° footage captured by Obsidian, to apply depth-based visual effects as well as to potentially create a new 6DoF virtual reality experience.


What’s New
– Add Hardware Acceleration in fast mode.
– Add the Time-lapse Photo Combining Tool, which can combine time-lapse photos as a video.
– Remove the limitation of Nvidia for the “Export source file from camera” function. You can export source file via Windows 10 system now.
– Remove watermark of the stitched videos for users that haven’t activated Studio. Studio doesn’t require activating now.

– Optimize exposure compensation algorithm for stitching.
– Optimize depth mode effects. Would release a video on our Facebook for you to compare.
– Improve Live Streaming stability.

Bug fixed
– Fix zenith color lump issue under depth mode.
– Fix frame sync issue among different lens on long Live.


Kandao Live is a professional live streaming software that delivers live 360° 3D experiences to audience worldwide with the powerful Obsidian cameras. It provides a variety of advanced options in a powerful and easy-to-use package, including SDI/RTMP output, real-time stitching, color correction, recoding while live streaming, and H.264/ H.265 encoding.


Notice: This update does not support software upgrade. Please go to the official website for download.
– Fix the issue that the sound is not fluent while recording from the external audio mic.
– Fix the issue that software files keep increasing after the program have been running for a long time.
– Fix the upgrade failure problem.
– Improve the image clarity.
Notice: This update does not support software upgrade. Please go to the official website for download.

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