Frequently Asked Questions

Where to download the tutorial for QooCam APP and QooCam Studio as well as the detailed FAQ?
Warranty period?

One year. For more information, please contact support@magnatech360.com

What’s the resolution of QooCam?

Photo:  4K (4320*2160)
Video: 3840*1920@30fps, 3840*1920@60fps, 1920*960@120fps

Is the Qoocam waterproof?

No. Kandao is currently designing a water proof housing for use with Qoocam

LED Indicator Status

Camera: LED Indicator
-Power off: Off
-Charging: Power LED red
-Charging (Stand-by mode): Power LED purple
-Charging finished: Power LED off
-Low battery level: Power LED red and keep flashing (below 5%), the camera will beep for a while and keep working. When it is below 1%, the camera keeps beeping and then turns off
-Stand-by mode: Power LED blue, shooting status lights on
-Photo: Shooting status light (3D or 360) flashes once
-Video: Shooting status light (3D or 360) flashes slowly
-Micro SD card error: Shooting status lights flash quickly
-Micro SD card storage is full: Shooting status lights flash quickly
-Updating firmware: Power LED flashes slowly

Could I change the battery and shoot while charge?

The battery is built-in. You could charge the camera while shooting. Power input is limited by 5V, 1.5A.

What is the QooCam ISO range?


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